Body Treatments

FAR Infrared Slimming System
The FAR infrared heating blanket is one of the most effective and secures methods for weight-loss, detoxification, reduces cellulite, increase metabolism, relaxes muscles, reduce stress, relieves hypertension and decreases body fat. $95  6 Treatments - $510 
Back Facial
Make a great exit with a luxurious, high intensity back treatment using IMAGE products that cleanse, moisturize, and balance the often ignored important skin on the back. This treatment starts with a gentle but intensive cleansing, followed by toning, exfoliating, extractions, and finally, a moisturizing, relaxing massage.  $120
Full Body Scrub
Purifies, hydrates and soothe the body and relaxes the mind. It is designed to aid the body gets rid of the toxins that are already on your outer skin layers and helps with maintaining healthy skin. It is also useful in helping with stimulating your body to grow fresh, new skin cells.  $150
Hand Rejuvenation Treatment
Experience a dramatic hand rejuvenation treatment designed to exfoliates dead surface cells and increases cell turnover, improves the appearance of dark spots, rough, dry and aging hands. $50 & up
Reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, uneven skin tones on hands, elbows, arms, knees, back, etc. $50 & up
Firming Neck & De’colletage Treatment  $99
European Massage
For Shoulder, Decollate, Neck $55